(Orange, Texas)

October 22, 2013

Cole fights for South East Texans

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Long time Little Cypress Mauriceville High School employee and Orange County resident, Michael Cole, is officially announced his candidacy for the 36th Congressional District of Texas as a Democrat.

"In this district over 127,000 South East Texans live below the poverty line; that is 1 in 6. Of that number, 43,000 are children. That is an unacceptable level and our current representation has no interest in changing that,” Cole said. "The area needs good paying, long term jobs. South East Texans do not want a hand out, they want a hand up. They are willing to blaze their own path but need the opportunities and the education to do so. We want opportunities, not excuses, and certainly not the old politics of blame. It is time for new leadership in Washington."

He also said that nothing is being done to prevent damage or devastation that another storm could bring.

"Orange County, Chambers and Harris could face billions of dollars in cleanup costs if another storm hits. That can be avoided by taking precautions NOW, not waiting until after the fact," Cole said. "We need ports that ships from around the world can come to and trade their goods, railroads, roads and highways are the lifeblood of commerce. The internet superhighway must be available to all parts of the district, not just urban areas. Even rural areas can grow with access to affordable broadband.  A  nation that has a strong infrastructure is an economic success."

Michael Cole is also an ardent supporter of Social Security and Medicare.

“We do not need to voucherize and privatize programs that have worked so well for our citizens who made our country what it is today,” Cole said.

Cole also said that the next election is about the people.

"You must ask yourself if you want action or rhetoric,” Cols said. “Judge your candidate by what he says he can do for your district, and what he has done or not done. You deserve a Congressman that works for the people."

Michael Cole for Congress officiall kickoff for the campaign was on Saturday at the Orange County Courthouse steps.