(Orange, Texas)

May 6, 2013

Man arrested following high speed chase

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader


A car sitting in the middle of the roadway near Bilbo and 4th Street, blocking access to the road approximately 1a.m. Sunday raised concerns for the driver’s welfare.

The car remained motionless as it drew the attention of an Orange police officer who made a traffic stop to check on the welfare of the driver.

The officer said he observed the brake lights to be on according to police reports.

A single male appeared to be leaning back with his head down and eyes closed. The man rolled down the window and lurched the car forward after the officer identified himself to the driver.

The driver refused to place the car in park and step out of the vehicle. The officer noticed the driver attempting to extend his leg as to accelerate the car. The officer unlocked the car and reached in to grab the man and remove him from the car.

The driver sped up the vehicle while the officer was holding him and refused to stop when the officer yelled at him to stop.

The officer let go to prevent injury to himself as the car accelerated even more.

The officer followed the car north on 4th Street to South Lutcher towards Simmons Drive. The pursuit continued on Simmons Drive until North Avenue. The car turned into the parking lot for club Mackies’ where the car continued at a slow rolling pace.

The driver stepped out of the car at the entrance but refused to get on the ground as ordered by officers. The officer placed the man on the ground and placed him in handcuffs.

The man is charged with evading arrest with a vehicle, a 3rd degree felony.