(Orange, Texas)

October 25, 2012

VISD to use Ike settlement for new track, lights

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

VIDOR — A long-awaited Hurricane Ike settlement is about to make things a bit better and brighter at Vidor High School.

After months of anticipation, the Vidor Independent School District has received a $494,000 Hurricane Ike settlement and will use these funds to make much needed renovations to the track and stadium lights surrounding Ivan Croak Field at Pirate Stadium on the campus of Vidor High School.

“We would love to put this money into our fund balance, but we have two areas that are in need of attention,” said Dr. Jay Killgo, Vidor ISD superintendent. “The track is in bad shape. It has a holes in so many spots, including the west end of the track where the holes go all the way down to the concrete underneath.”

Killgo said the stadium lights are also a necessary fix.

“We went out and measured the lights with this device at the start of the football season, and our lights measured 20 foot-candles,” Killgo explained. “That sounds like a decent amount, but the recommended UIL measurement is 50 foot-candles, so there is a definite need to upgrade the lights.”

Foot-candles are a common unit of measurement used to calculate adequate lighting levels of workspaces in buildings or outdoor spaces. A foot-candle measures the amount of light that actually falls on a given surface, such as a football field or baseball field or track.

Killgo said the project will include replacing the lighting poles as well.

“The poles are old and are showing signs of rust. It’s not a dangerous situation or anything, but the time is coming when they would need to be replaced anyway, so we plan on doing all of the renovations at once,” he said.

Since the Vidor ISD Board of Trustees has approved both projects, Killgo hopes to have both projects underway as soon as football season concludes. The Pirates final home game of the season is Friday, Nov. 2, against Livingston.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, especially if we plan on doing it the right way. There are parts of the base which need to be repaired and then cure,” Killgo stated. “We also have to deal with the winter weather, so it will be close if we want to meet our goal of having both projects completed before our track meet in the spring.”