(Orange, Texas)

January 23, 2014

Gopher Industrial develops school program

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Gopher Industrial developed a program for schools and the community called “Tools For Success: Catch Your Dreams”. The program is designed to have a positive impact in a major way on youth by empowering them with the tools they need to lead successful, productive lives. The program centers around the GOPHER approach and is presented to students by The Gopher and Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Dennis Tietje during their visits to local schools.

The program has given presentations at Little Cypress, Mauriceville, Bridge City and Orangefield schools recently.

GOPHER is an acronym that refers to each of the six core values that Gopher Industrial feels are the keys to leading a successful, productive, and happy life. The acronym stands for:

• Goals - Set Goals

• Organized - Be Organized

• Prepare - Always Prepare

• Honest - Be Honest

• Education - Get Your Education

• Reading - Keep Reading

Together these six values form the tools that kids can use on a daily basis to be successful in their academic and personal endeavors and help them catch their dreams. Starting early and equipping kids with these tools at a young age is an important way to get them on the right track achieving more.

The Gopher and Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler Dennis Tietje comprise the perfect team to captivate the young students' attention and inspire them to “Catch Their Dreams”. The Gopher is a fun-loving mascot that easily connects with kids and Dennis Tietje is a professional fisherman who can relate the information in the workshop into real life sportsman examples.

The Tools For Success: Catch Your Dreams workshop is offered free by Gopher Industrial as part of giving back to the community that has supported the company. To get additional information about Tools For Success: Catch Your Dreams and to book a free visit by The Gopher and Dennis Tietje, contact Whitney Jones of Gopher Industrial at 409-735-3300.