(Orange, Texas)

February 27, 2012

Award shows are flops

Orange Leader Opinion Page staff
The Orange Leader


There seems to be a disconnect between awards shows these days and the fans who watch them on television.
It first started a few weeks ago with The Grammys. Maybe it is all in part to us growing older, which is tough to admit, but the music simply didn’t ever sound like music.
That is until Adele took the stage. She was the one performer who seemed to have talent and use her abilities to the fullest and not rely on computer generated noise. And this is a woman who was performing for the first time since having major throat surgery.
It is hard to gauge the state of music when music video channels show everything but music videos.
Then on Sunday was The Oscars. This is the supposed top dog of award shows.
Billy Crystal shined as always as the host. 
The major problem with The Oscars has always been and remains the fact a lot of people have never even heard of many of the Oscar winners.
How can a guy who said two words in an entire movie get Best Actor? Now we are not saying his task was easy but having to remember lines and showing emotion with the lines is more impressive. 
These awards shows need to cater to the people who matter the most - the fans. It is the fans money that pays the insane salaries these people make.