(Orange, Texas)

August 15, 2012

Russian sub in Gulf proves America must protect coasts

Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — So the United States went over a month without knowing Russia had a submarine taking a stroll through the Gulf of Mexico.

Now I was informed late Wednesday evening this is normal. That countries send over subs from time to time to other countries just to see how much snooping they can get away with. 
No harm, no foul right?
I wish no harm to any American living in this country yet I would feel a little better about those Russian subs strolling around the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.
The Gulf of Mexico is a little too close to home for Orange County.
And, if this is a regular thing and Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama will share some giggles over how long they were here then do it somewhere else.
This month long excursion through our waters points out a fact that we have a gaping hole in security no matter if it was a prank or not.
The Cold War was a long time ago and I hope no sparks strike up an old flame.