(Orange, Texas)

May 16, 2012

Time to end ban on gay marriage

Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader


President Barack Obama recently did what many have been longing for him to do — side with the idea of gay marriage.

It was time for Obama to stop being in the middle on this issue and take a stance. Voters deserve to know where the President stood on gay marriage.

Yes of course he did it in an election year which is always nice of a candidate to do to try and swing voters.

It will be interest to watch, even locally, what newly elected officials will do to distance themselves from past administrations. Local elections this past weekend saw several incumbents defeated and this type of movement could be the wave of the future.

Gay marriage has been a talking pointing of many round tables and discussions over the last several years and we believe the President is on the right side on this matter.

Please remember interracial marriage was banned until 1967 in this country. Today a ban on interracial marriage would be protested and fought every hour of the day.

Gay marriage will eventually be allowed in this country as the gay and lesbian community continues to grow and gain respect amongst straight citizens.

The acceptance of the gay and lesbian community and the future right it will have to be joined in marriage is another step for this country to have full equal rights for all men and women.

Voters deserve to know where the President stood on gay marriage.