(Orange, Texas)

September 27, 2011

Personnel policy makes good sense

The Orange Leader
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Vacations and personal days are always a fun issue to tackle as the year drags on and the holidays approach.

One city is contemplating the issue of time served a little deeper than just how to schedule staff around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Bridge City will soon consider amending a personnel policy dealing with time served after an employee leaves the city for another job only to return back to Bridge City.

The policy change would be in place for employees who leave for another job yet are on good terms with Bridge City then come back for another round of employment with the city.

Jerry Jones, city manager, has offered up an excellent addition to the policy which would state the returning employee must work for the city again for a full year before previous time is reinstated.

This idea is a good one to ensure no employees take advantage of the city and try to find loop holes after only being gone to work somewhere else for a short time.

Time served should be given back to employees yet this one addition makes a lot of sense.

Bridge City officials tentatively set a workshop to discuss the matter for Oct. 4.

Employees should take this time to discuss with the council their thoughts and concerns and citizens should voice their thoughts too. Taxpayers have the right to say what is on their mind when city money is being discussed and city employees do cost money.