(Orange, Texas)

March 19, 2013

Travel expenses debated by commissioners

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Orange County Commissioners Court has a difference of opinion concerning travel expenses from the Golden Triangle Days in Austin.

The discussion concerned waiving the $150 limit on hotel rooms for elected officials who traveled to the event. The rooms rate was $229.

Jody Crump, commissioner pct. 4, said it was not pre-approved and did not want it waived.

“I feel it is nothing more than a photo opportunity for politicians up there,” Crump said.

David Dubose, commissioner pct. 1, voiced his concerns if the difference was not waived.

“It is not required to attend,” Dubose said. “But if we don’t waive it, no one will end up attending.”

Owen Burton, Commissioner pct. 2 said he felt it should not be waived because of the county budget.

“It was not pre-approved,” Crump said.

County Judge Carl Thibodeaux said it was easy for Crump to say what he said because Crump did not attend.

Thibodeaux also said he would pay the difference, but he felt Crump was being unprofessional.

A motion was made by Crump to not waive the difference.

The poll of the votes are:

Dubose, pct. 1 - No

Burton, pct. 2 - Yes

County Judge - No

Banken, pct. 3 - Yes

Crump, pct. 4 - Yes

The $150 limit was not waived.