(Orange, Texas)

May 22, 2013

Confederate park construction stalled but not stopped

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — Little has changed at the construction site for the Confederate Memorial of the Wind located near Interstate 10 and MLK in Orange since the end of April.

The City of Orange sent the Sons of Confederate Veterans a letter dated April 9, 2013, concerning the lack of sufficient parking for the location in Orange. The city requested the group add two additional American Disabilities Act handicap parking spaces and eight additional parking spaces.

City Manager Shawn Oubre said the organization is working towards compliance of the request.

“A representative did amend the drawings for parking,” Oubre said in a telephone interview. “They understand what they need to do.”

The city also offered to buy the property from the group in the same letter.

“There has been no further discussions concerning the offer to buy the property at this time,” Oubre said.

The letter stated it is not denying or suspending the current permit. The city has the right to request changes to existing building permits.

Pictures of the location to show progress of the construction show no evidence any work has been done since April 23.