(Orange, Texas)

November 3, 2013

Rose City mayor announces resignation

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ROSE CITY, Texas — David Bush has resigned as the mayor of Rose City after nearly a decade of serving his community.

Bush officially tendered his resignation following a specially called meeting on Thursday, Oct. 24, which did not take place due to the lack of a quorum. Bush handed a letter of resignation to Hernando Ramos, Mayor-Pro Tem and Rodney Price, city attorney, as he exited the meeting. His resignation was effective, Friday, Oct. 25.

Bush cited numerous personal obligations in his decision to step-down and his concern over those increasing obligations preventing him from the performing the duties as mayor to the fullest of his abilities.

“I didn’t go into this decision without a lot of thought and a lot of prayer, but there comes a time when you have to make some hard decisions, and this was one of those times,” Bush said in a telephone interview. “My own health is important to me and the demands of the job have grown.”

Bush also stated the importance of his family was a factor in his decision, especially due to the declining health of his mother-in-law.

“She has had Alzheimer’s for 12 years,” he said. “And it is starting to take its toll. Through the years being mayor has been my priority, and I have refused some promotions at work because of my duties, but I have some new responsibilities at work that are a factor as well.”

Bush has helped the City of Rose City on the road to recovery since Hurricane Ike.

Much of this small community of was devastated courtesy of Hurricane Ike’s massive storm surge. However, five years since Ike, Rose City has changed for the better.

In the years since Ike, Bush has helped the citizens of Rose City see the completion of a new City Hall, the arrival of new businesses like the Greyhound bus terminal along Interstate 10, an increase in sales tax revenue and current projects such as road construction and a water system project are underway.

Although the population took a big dip following Ike, it has slowly been on the increase for much of the past year, according to Bush.

Tonya Veazey, the city secretary of Rose City, was still saddened by the announcement.

“I’ve cried almost everyday,” Veazey said. “Its like losing a family member. I didn’t even know about it until he sent me a text late Thursday. He has been the best boss I have ever worked for. He cares about people and his community and that’s why he has been such a great mayor.”

Bush, who has been involved with city business as a councilman and mayor for a total of 24 years, believes the city will be in good hands with the council and staff it currently has.

“I really appreciate the citizens and the council for everything, but it is time for some younger blood to get involved with city business,” Bush added. “There was nothing negative about it. I hope to retire in a couple of years, and it was time to make some tough decisions.”