(Orange, Texas)

April 30, 2013

Resident honored for going beyond expectations

Special to The Leader
The Orange Leader


Monthly meetings of Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB), the non-profit affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful, usually finds the board discussing a common topic - TRASH, how to clean it or who can clean it.

One particular area has been a concern to the board for sometime; mainly because it is an area in the heart of the three cities on West Orange side. This highly traveled area is the street south of the major red light intersection of MacArthur and Strickland Dr leading to the Wal-Mart parking lot, not so much the street but the large drainage ditch that follows this road has been consistently riddled with trash. 

A young man was observed collecting garbage in the ditch on Wednesday, April 23. Bobby Young already filled three large bags and was working on the fourth bag. Young was was only half way to the end. 

In asking for whom he was working; Young replied, “No one. I’m doing it for myself.” 

Young said that he had already encountered one snake. 

He also added that since there was a lot of water in the ditch he needed rubber boots to collect the trash from the water. Young didn’t want to “mess up his Wal-Mart shoes.” 

KOCB proclaims Bobby Young as the “Good Samaritan of Orange County” for the week for being a hero to the organization.