(Orange, Texas)

April 27, 2013

New technology boggles my mind

Charles Holt
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — We are living in a highly technical world with an ever-increasing abundance of sophisticated tools, gizmos, gadgets, and artful apparatuses that is designed to make our lives less complicated while giving us access to areas of knowledge and abilities that can boggle the mind with its almost endless possibilities. It may be honestly said that life is better in many ways; this is not true about certain fundamental characteristics that should be counted as the lynch pins of a life that will honor, value and hold worthy the life-source of another human being.

Negative examples of this has been seen in the sexual abuse scandals by certain priests of the Catholic church; of Joe Paterno and the Notre Dame scandal; of the gang-rape of girls by certain athletes in various schools, ad nauseam. When we hear of the callousness of the perpetrators there is an outcry against the immorality, selfishness, and uncaring insensitivity of such actions. We are made to wonder, what is wrong? America is a great nation but despite the technological developments we are drifting away from the moral and ethical underpinnings that have made America great.

There is a huge rip—an awful tear--in our social and religious fabric that only the powerful voice of “one crying in the wilderness” has any chance of being heard. Only if that voice is heard can we find any hope of things changing for the better. You have heard of the First Great Awakening that occurred in early American History. There was a Second Great Awakening that followed with both contributing to the moral building of America’s conscience. It was on the winds of solid Bible teaching and preaching, that had at its center a call for repentance and turning wholeheartedly to God, that formed and shaped the strong spiritual foundation that became: One Nation Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All.

I am not as worried about the supposed Fiscal Cliff as I am about the very real Spiritual Cliff America is dangerously approaching.. Ancient Israel had their fearless Prophets who challenged leaders and people to turn to God. Where are the Prophets who will challenge our leaders and people? While we will excel technologically we MUST at the same time nurture the Spiritual systems of belief that have served America so well. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).