(Orange, Texas)

November 18, 2012

CCS Lions pluck Eagles, 77-43

Mike Louviere
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The Lions of Community Christian faced off against the San Antonio Castle Hills Eagles for the Bi-District title. CCS came into the game with a 5-5 record in their district while Castle  Hills record was 4-3. When the dust settled and the game was over CCS had taken the title by a score of  77-43.

Castle Hills came to the game ready to play. On their first possession in five plays they scored the first touchdown with 8:13 on the clock. Alex Parrish blocked the PAT kick and the score was 6-0, Eagles.

Not to be outdone, in five plays CCS running back R C Morris crossed the goal line for their first TD. An uncompleted pass made the score 6-6 7:33 was on the clock.

The remainder of the first quarter seesawed back and forth. It was a very evenly played quarter. The Lions appeared to be a little sluggish, almost like they had not expected such close play so early. The quarter ended with the Lions down 13-6.

The second quarter started with the Eagles in possession. On the third play, Lions defensive back Lawrence Gallow intercepted a pass to give the Lions possession. In five plays C J Wagner on a 2nd and 4th situation dashed across the line to bring the Lions even on the scoreboard, a one point PAT put the Lions in the lead 14-13 with 6:30 on the clock.

A roly-poly kick from Brett Foster of the Lions was blocked by Michael Chairez, the 245 lb junior offensive lineman of the Eagles. In seven plays the Eagles scored again and brought the score to 19-14 with 2:47 remaining in the half.

With 53 seconds remaining in the first half, Morris carried the ball ten yards and crossed the goal line to make the score 20-19. The Lions were in the lead by one point after the PAT kick went wide.

Dillon Dorsett of the Eagles caught the kickoff and was promptly buried by the hard hit of Parrish of the Lions. On the Eagles fifth play Dakota Alexander intercepted the pass tossed by the Eagles quarterback Andrew Nava. Alexander made a run of over 70 yards on the 80 yard field for a touchdown. However, there was a flutter of flags from several referees. Offsetting penalties resulted in the play being negated. The touchdown was denied the Lions and the first half ended with the Lions ahead 20-19.

Joseph Leblanc took the second half kickoff and made it to mid field before being stopped by a flock of Eagles.

On the Lions third play after earning a first down, the snap was fumbled and P J Balderas recovered for the Eagles. The Eagles earned a first down on their first play, ran three more plays and on a 4th and12 situation threw an incomplete pass to give the Lions the ball.

The Lions drew a holding penalty on the first play and drew the five yard “push back.” On the next play, Morris zigged and zagged in the backfield, threw off the Eagle defenders and easily, it seemed, scored for the Lions. The good PAT for two points made the score 28-19 at 7:06.

Two plays after the kickoff to the Eagles, Morris snagged a pass out of the air and got the ball back for the Lions. This first series of plays seemed to energize the Lions. They began to play ball. A hand off to Wagner put them ahead 34-19 and the two point kick made the score 36-19 at 4:05.

At 3:44, the Eagles scored to bring them to 25 points, still behind the Lions 36 points.

Morris scooped up the Eagles kickoff and got to the 20 yard line. One play later the Lions scored, kicked the PAT and went ahead 44-25 with 3:25 showing on the board’s clock.

The Eagles ran two plays on their possession, got inside the Lions 20 yard line and fumbled. Jacob Alexander recovered and the Lions had the ball. On the first playoff their possession, Dakota Alexander ran for a 20 yard TD. A good PAT kick and the score was 52-25, leading.

After the kickoff an Eagles pass to Micah Allmand gained another six points, the PAT was bad and the score became 52-31, Lions leading.

The Eagles kicked and the Lions took control for the first time in the fourth quarter. Two plays into the quarter, some confused Eagles was trying to figure out what Morris was going to do with the ball when he made an easy pass to Foster standing all alone in the end zone. It was an easy six points. The PAT fizzled, but the Lions gained a lead of 58-31 with 9:32 showing left to play in the game.

Seven plays after the Eagles gained the ball, a run across the line by Ethan Leos earned a TD. The PAT was no good. The score came to 58-37 at 7:54. The Eagles kick went out of bounds the Lions took possession with the “boost” of a penalty.

On the lions third play a pass from Kayl Simon to Morris put the Lions on the board again. The PAT kick was blocked and the score totaled 64-37, Lions at 7:09.

Parrish stopped two of the Eagles plays and then Morris intercepted a pass to take the ball back to the Lions. In three plays, Morris scored one more time. No points on the PAT, the Lions were now ahead 70-37. Time was getting short at 4:17.

The Eagles took possession and scored to make the score 70-43. This would be the Eagles last score of the game.

On the kick off, Jacob Alexander scooped up the ball and made a clear charge for the goal line, he crossed the line at 2:05. The one point PAT gave the Lions a lead of 77-43. That would be the way the game ended.

“I am so proud of the way these guys played today. They started slow, but really came back in the second half. To go from a one point lead at the end of the first half to win by the margin we won by shows me that they really came together and played as a team. I can’t say there was one outstanding player in this game, they all played very well and played as a winning team,” said coach Larry Spears. “Going into this game we were district champions, now we are also bi-district champions.

The Lions next game will be the regional game against Brazosport Christian High School, of Lake Jackson. The game’s location was not immediately known late Saturday.