(Orange, Texas)

February 14, 2013

Pinehurst to auction online surplus items

Dawn Burleigh
The Orange Leader

PINEHURST — The Pinehurst City Council is considering auctioning surplus items online with GovDeals.

City Administrator Joe Parkhurst said he has spoken with GovDeals about a contract to auction items online.

“We would be permitted to set a minimum about for the items,” Parkhurst said during the 8:30 Workshop Meeting Tuesday. “This could give the city an opportunity to pick up a couple of thousand dollars on items that are just collecting dust.”

The site would charge the customer 8-10% for each winning bid. If the bid is won at $100, the buyer would pay $110. The cost for the city is zero.

The buyer is also responsible for making arrangements for picking up the item purchased.

Parkhurst said the city has an old dump truck that has not been used for two years as well as a boat motor, trailer and other items the city has in storage.

The council agreed to entering a contract with GovDeals.

Spring Clean-up for Pinehurst was held on Feb. 9 to time the event to coincide with West Orange and Orange.

“We did not have a real good response this year,” Parkhurst said. “We had three customers all day. It was too early for our people as well as being too wet and muddy.”

Parkhurst suggested to the council that next years Spring Cleanup be held in March.

“I saw the volunteers from Shangri La’s event throughout the area,” Parkhurst said. “Shangri La did a great job.”