(Orange, Texas)

May 3, 2013

The Band Perry release new record, ready for road

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

WINNIE, Texas — One of the most popular groups in country music is in town this weekend for a concert at a local venue.

The Band Perry will perform Saturday night, May 4, at Nutty Jerry’s Entertainment Complex in Winnie for all ages. The doors open at 7 p.m. and opening the show is the Casey Donahew Band. Tickets are $35 - $75 each and available at the door.

The Band Perry, which is comprised of siblings Kimberly Perry, vocals, guitar and piano; Reid Perry, bass and background vocals; and Neil Perry, drums, mandolin and accordion, is touring in support of its sophomore album, “Pioneer,” released on April 2.

The band formed in 2005 and released its major label debut in 2010 and has been burning up the charts ever since then. The group has released seven singles between its two albums, six of which have breached the Top 10 and includes three No. 1 hits in “If I Die Young,” “All Your Life” and “Better Dig Two,” the first single from its new CD.

The Band Perry, which called in to The Orange Leader earlier this week, was in Los Angeles earlier this week for several publicity events and performances prior to Saturday’s concert in Winnie, including a spotlight showcase on The Jay Leno Show.

The Orange Leader: Did you feel any kind of additional pressure during the writing and recording of “Pioneer” to match the success you had with the first album?

Reid Perry: Not really so much pressure, but more responsibility I guess. We wanted to raise the bar, so to speak, and take ourselves to the next level. We were very thorough during this process. We re-wrote songs two and three times and even re-recorded a couple of songs.

Kimberly Perry: We had about 18 months to record our sophomore record, so that gave us the time to get it just the way we wanted. We’re really happy to be getting back out on the road, and we’re really, really excited to be playing new songs finally (laughs).

OL: Did changing producers during the recording process cause any delays or issues getting the new album out?

Kimberly: Rick Rubin was pivotal in our songwriting process for this album and he played a key role. He was part song doctor and part therapist. He’s more of a minimalist in his role with being involved in the process. Dan Huff, on the other hand, is about macro-managing and being heavily involved.

Neil Perry: Dan was the first producer to come see us live, and performing live is a snapshot of who we are as a band. We wanted to capture that live element and intensity in the studio and Dan did a great job of that.

OL: Your music has so many musical styles incorporated to make The Band Perry-sound. What groups in rock or country helped shape this recording into what it is?

Reid: We grew up listening to a lot of different music, especially rock ’n roll. For this record, we were listening to a lot of Queen before we started recording because we like how they layer their vocals throughout their recordings. We wanted to incorporate some of that into our music.

Kimberly: Our mother was always playing country music at the house too. We grew up listening to Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. In fact, when I was just a child, I got a kiss on the cheek from Willie Nelson at a concert. I still remember that. But mom listened to a lot of Michael Jackson too, so we were introduced to a variety of music at an early age.

OL: Has songwriting always come naturally to the band? More and more country artists are writing and co-writing their own music now.

Neil: Songwriting is something we’ve just always done. It’s kind of like therapy for us too. When you are writing songs, it’s usually about something that has happened to you, personally, in your past or a previous experience. With “Pioneer,” we were writing about situations that happened in real time. The song “Back to Me Without You” was about a relationship Kimberly was going through at the time we wrote it. It helped her get through a tough time in her life, but there were times she would have to stop and take a break and just go cry in the back or something. It was painful, but therapeutic in a way as well for her.

OL: What’s on tap for The Band Perry for the remainder of spring and beyond? And are we ever going to see a full-blown headlining tour by The Band Perry?

Kimberly: We are a touring band, and we are so ready to get back out on the road. We’re really excited about the show in Winnie on Saturday. We’ll hit the road with Rascal Flatts at the end of May and continue through the fall, and then we’ll go over to Europe in November. We’re really excited about that. And, yes, we’re already in the planning stages of a headlining tour for early in 2014. We plan on being out on the road for a while, so come see us.

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