(Orange, Texas)

December 4, 2013

Entertainment for the week of Dec. 4 - Dec. 10, 2013

Tommy Mann Jr.
The Orange Leader

ORANGE — The holiday season is in full swing and that means lots of great music events, parties and more. Find something that is right for you and your friends and make the most of the season.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Consider the Source @ Luna Live

Jimmy Kaiser @ Hemingway Cafe and Tradewinds Tavern

Blake Sticker @ Cigar Club

Brad Broussard @ OB’s Bar and Grill

City Heat @ Caribbean Cove

Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons @ The River

Thursday, Dec. 5

Creole Cookin’ @ Orange VFW Hall

David Lee Kaiser @ Hemingway Cafe and Tradewinds Tavern

Skeeter Jones @ La Cantina - Port Arthur

David Joel and Alastair White @ Good Times

Alex Rozell @ Luke’s

Dickie and the Tornadoes @ Larry’s French Market

Kory Fontenot @ Dharma

Crossroads @ Starvin’ Marvin’s

T-Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers @ Caribbean Cove

Julie Williams @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Friday, Dec. 6

Revelation @ The Embers Club

Zydecane @ Gator Lounge

My Beautiful Disaster, Crossroads @ The Gig

David Joel Band @ Cotton’s Cay

Phillip Glyn Band @ Dylan’s

Hip Hop Hooray @ Madison’s

Keith McCoy and CEO @ Caribbean Cove

Ward, Bowen and Steinman @ The Logon Cafe

Chris Latiolais and Good Ole Boys @ Larry’s French Market

Chaos with Tony Faulk @ King’s Cue Stick

Mickie Smith @ Suga’s

Crystal Creek @ Sidelinez Bar

Gregg Martinez and the Delta Kings @ Mudbugs

Sinners, The Von Dukes @ Dharma

Blake Sticker @ Thirsty’s

Ryan Bunch @ Cigar Club

Mixx Fixxer @ Starvin’ Marvin’s

Bag of Donuts @ Yesterday’s

Julie Williams @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

The Left Eye of Horus, Cloudshift @ Tequila Rok

Saturday, Dec. 7

Zydecane @ Gator Lounge

The B List @ Dylan’s

F.D.S. @ Madison’s

The Fanatics @ The Logon Cafe

Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins @ Larry’s French Market

Ronnie Stallworth @ Suga’s

The Fanatics @ Texas Ave. Tavern

Tim Norris @ Dharma

Lee Pelly @ Thirsty’s

Paul Gonsoulin @ Cigar Club

Champagne Room @ Yesterday’s

Da Classics @ Caribbean Cove

Julie Williams @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar

Sunday, Dec. 8

Kay Miller @ Suga’s

Monday, Dec. 9

Ukulady’s Man @ Dharma

Tuesday, Dec. 10

David Joel @ Dylan’s

Casey Chesnutt @ Hemingway Cafe and Tradewinds Tavern

El Floppy Tacos @ Madison’s

Jazz at The Pub @ Mackenzie’s Pub

BlackCard ATM @ Dharma

3 Way Switch @ Thirsty’s