(Orange, Texas)

April 23, 2013

Whataburger ketchup to be sold in H-E-B this summer

Staff reports
The Orange Leader



Whataburger’s popular Fancy Ketchup and Spicy Ketchup will soon have a new home.

The two items along with the company’s original mustard and a new brand of potato chips will be sold at H-E-B locations. 

H-E-B and Whataburger will team also team up to launch “Whatafries” that leverages Whataburger’s brand. The H-E-B product will be a potato chip verision of the French fry, cut from real potatoes and available in a 7.4 ounce bag. 

The two ketchup products will debut in 20-ounce bottles and the mustard will be in a 16-ounce bottle. Bottle condiments will not be available for purchase at Whataburger restaurants at this time.

An exact date for the product lines at H-E-B has not been set but both companies have reported a summer launch.

"H-E-B aisles are about to include another Texas favorite," Whataburger CEO Preston Atkinson said. "Our condiments have become nearly as popular as our famous burgers, and with so much customer demand to get their hands on our special ketchup and mustard in larger quantities, it was only logical to bottle them up and make them available first through such a well-respected retailer like H-E-B." 

"Working together is a natural fit for H-E-B and Whataburger," said H-E-B Group Vice President of Grocery Procurement Reade Ahrens. "Both H-E-B and Whataburger are Texas institutions that have been serving customers for decades, we're both headquartered in San Antonio and have roots in Corpus Christi, and both our companies are committed to delivering everyday, quality products that families have come to expect." 

Atkinson also announced Whataburger's unique Spicy Ketchup would become a permanent condiment at all of its 740+ restaurants across its 10-state service area. After introducing the red jalapeño-infused condiment in January 2012 to kick up the popular Fancy Ketchup recipe with some spice, it was an instant hit among customers.