(Orange, Texas)

May 24, 2013

Funnel clouds spotted in BC

Tommy Mann Jr. and Gabriel Pruett
The Orange Leader


Inclement weather conditions and the sighting of funnel clouds sent students and employees indoors at one area school.

Students and staff of Bridge City Intermediate School were enjoying an afternoon of fun outdoors when some employees spotted what was described as a funnel cloud near the campus on Friday afternoon. All students and staff were sent indoors as a precaution and due to the threat of more inclement weather approaching.

“Some of our people saw a funnel cloud in the sky this afternoon at BCI, so we brought all of the kids into the building,” said Mike King, superintendent of Bridge City Independent School District. “The campus was never placed on lock down. It was just done as a safety precaution. We carried on with our normal activities once everyone was back inside.”

An alert sent through cell phone service from the Weather Channel Friday said tropical funnel clouds were possible in the Bridge City area Friday afternoon and it reported moist and unstable tropical airmass was in place across the area.

“These conditions are favorable for the development of tropical funnel clouds,” the text alert stated. “Especially where rain cooled boundaries known as outflow boundaries and seabreeze collide. These tropical funnel clouds are usually short lived and do not reach the ground. If the funnel cloud becomes more severe and reaches the ground, minor damage may occur and a tornado warning will likely be issued.”