CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Be positive, everywhere; check out these tips

Published 6:47 am Monday, June 19, 2023

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A steak gave me a message.

Someone in a restaurant kitchen used ketchup writing skills to spell out “Wonderful” on the rim of a plate.

Just what I needed to hear!

We should be giving ourselves daily pep talks, especially if no one else is doing it. It’s like a note from Mom in your lunch or a lipstick kiss on the bathroom mirror.

Say something positive to someone else AND yourself.

Read on for inspiring ideas:

ROAR! – I’ll wager Shawna Suckow never thought her book would be featured in a foodie column. That’s my outside-the-to-go-box thinking so readers can enjoy her thoughts. She was the bee’s knees when I heard her speak in person.

She’s about showing personality and stories to make your business stand out. Her book is “The Roaring Twenties: Marketing & Selling Better in the Post-Pandemic Decade.” The 1920s you say? Peppered with the era’s wording, this easy read notes how Americans adapted and changed then and how it’s time to roar again.

Here’s a few tips and anecdotes from the book to jump start your roar:

  • Merchants united to form a doughnut trail to promote their city’s delicious offerings.
  • A city’s chamber encouraged members to take selfies of themselves enjoying services from other businesses. Think a florist enjoying breakfast at a local café or a banker praising good service at an auto shop.
  • Consider if you can flip a professional e-mail signoff with employees going from staged head shots to themselves enjoying favorite hobby. Idea: What imaginary Olympic event would you receive a gold medal in? That’s how Tracy appointed herself a gold medalist in guacamole making who excels at impatience and chasing shiny objects.

I’m thinking of upgrading my own personal sign-off. Currently I identify as a Beatles fan, foodie, herbalist and flamingo collector.

See how she does it at and give your old ways the icy mitt!

“The Glow Up Journal” – Record the healthy foods you could try, consider superstar supplements, get moving and find your most attractive feature and make it your baddest self. A fun little pink book offers “Everything You Need to Set Goals, Create Inspo – and Make It Happen!” If given a blank journal, some folks may stare blankly back. Danielle Richardson offers prompts in this encouraging book to help you see that you’re already worth the effort. Keep going. No surprise, recording what you are grateful for is important. Everybody needs more of this attitude.

“Success On Your Own Terms” – James B. Rosseau Sr. shares his early (challenging) life in detail in this book promising to fire up passions to ignite your career and create an amazing life. Lots of good lists fill this book. There are some of one, with an inspiring title.

Develop and Invest in Me, Inc. tools:

  • Choose flexibility in your life by proactively choosing to save instead of spend.
  • Build a discipline around saving.
  • Protect your legacy, what you want to be known for, and what you stand for.
  • Figure where your passion, skills and gifts intersect. This is your point of highest leverage.
  • Cultivate genuineness, caring and sharing.

Darragh Doiron is a Southeast Texas foodie who picks up pennies no matter what side is up. It’s all sunny side up for her.