KATHIE’S KORNER — Be cool in 2023 by bringing people to God

Published 12:02 am Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Don’t you just love the word “cool?”

Having to wear a long-sleeved shirts out on our deck along with our coffees at the end of winter mornings, with rain pelting our metal roof, made me “happy as a clam!”

Also, add a little pinecone, and pine branches in our little chimnea, running off (with the smoke), hopefully, some pesky little insects. The aroma is captivating and peaceful. It reminds me of all the campfires and indoor fires we’ve had through the years and the warmth that penetrates so naturally, like no other.

We love fireplaces fire pits, bowls and chimneas. We have a Franklin Stove in our living room, awaiting some cooler weather.

My brothers and I were raised with fireplaces. Our dad, uncles and grandfather were bricklayers who built beautiful fireplaces in homes and patios in California.

A big fireplace in our patio, our dad built, had colorful rock and even one with a fossil on the face and hearth. Our dad was creative and handpicked stones for custom contracts.

I loved watching him figure blueprints for jobs and load his truck and drive off with his cement mixer in tow.

I got to help him doctor his cuts and bruised hands from using his cutting, shaping hammers, sitting on his lap, so proud of his strong arms, hands and work ethic. It was obvious to me event as a little girl. He was so cool!

It’s kinda nice growing up, having that be my first revelation of what is cool. Having a dad like him and two big brothers I thought were cool because they played sports with me, took me everywhere with them and protected me.

We played at school and in our neighborhood and were involved in some rough games, sometimes with lots of kids, mostly boys. I loved every minute of it as a “tom boy,” even when the baseball hit me in the face. And, I got shoved into dog poop!

As I got older, seeing what other people thought was cool wasn’t to me. My idea of being cool involved someone with integrity, Godly, smart, talented and passionate about their gifts, respectful and funny.

When I met my husband, Mike, at a music rehearsal and began dating, he filled all those qualities. We are still in love after 61 years and made and make a lot of music together, three beautiful children, three grands and four great grands, and have led thousands of people to Jesus!

In James 5:20, one version says that if you bring a person back or newly introduced to God, you have saved their soul from hell. You are a cool spirit.

So, enjoy the spring and summer days, hopefully with air conditioners, fans, swimming pools and occasional breezes.

Be a cool spirit and get some people saved.

Kathie Deasy writes about religion for Orange Newsmedia. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.