OrangeYouBold: Wishing you a wonderful holiday

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

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Hello beautiful people. The holidays are knocking at our door. I want to take a moment to send some love to all of you that are missing a loved one this year. The holidays can be extremely hard, and the rush of memories can overload you emotionally. Take some time to breathe, remember the good times, and try to make some new memories.  Remember it is okay if it’s too soon and it’s okay to not be okay. I am sending hugs and love your way.

I thought this would be a good week for some holiday tips. Many of us will visit someone or have a visitor at some point before the year ends. I can tell you there is always the strong possibility that you will have an extra guest. I always keep and extra gift card, candle, can of cookies around for those situations. You can throw it in a small gift bag that only you recognize as an extra gift, and it goes off without a hitch.

Let’s continue with our gift theme and talk about gift wrapping. There are ways to incorporate a small gift into your wrapping by adding it to the bow. I love doing this, because it is pretty, and you get the opportunity to give another small gift. See the photo of an example I used for a good friend this year.

We will move on to family and friend get togethers.

A great way to be helpful if you are bringing a dish to someone’s gathering is to remember to bring your own disposable serving utensil. Your thoughtfulness is always appreciated, but sometimes we run out of serving utensils. You can also choose to bring a dish on an item you plan on gifting to the homeowner. I would recommend something that isn’t messy like a cookie platter or a new charcuterie board. I would stay away from a casserole dish, because you are basically gifting them the joy of washing your dishes.

I have lots of little details to complete so I will meet you here next week.

Please enjoy your Christmas and holiday celebrations. OrangeYouBold…yes I am.