OP-ED: From the Mayor- The Assignment

Published 7:35 am Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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Over the last 7 years I have learned so much about life and met people from all over the community but most importantly I have learned a great deal about “Assignment”.

Each and every one of us was born with a purpose for our lives yet not every individual has been given an assignment. An assignment is not to be taken lightly and even more so should be carried out with full reverence to our Lord. An assignment is a responsibility that must be respected and carried out according to Gods plan.

There are hundreds of people who have asked me about the wonderful community of Orange, Texas and what have we done to bring about change and new opportunities. My response to the question is very simple.

If you pay attention to what has occurred in our town, you won’t see a ton of new ordinances or rules being added to our charter. Everything that we need in order to be successful and prosperous is already here yet we must accept the responsibility and accountability of following Gods purpose and fulfill the assignments that have been given to us.

Everyone has a part to play and I sincerely pray for this community that God will continue to uplift us as a whole and pour out blessings upon us all. The “Assignment” for myself and many others has been to “Unify” this city and to love others as Christ has commanded. This community is one body, we are one family and I feel that we must continue to strive to better than we were the day before. I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to serve this community alongside an amazing  group of Orange City Council members and Staff that are working to serve and uplift on a daily basis.

I look forward to what adventures await as the “Assignment” continues and most importantly I wish to publicly thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me and my family to be a part of this journey. I want you to ask God to reveal your purpose to you and to help you prepare for your assignment. This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come.

Here in Orange, Texas we put Christ first in all that we do, Love people where they are for who they are and let God handle the rest!


God Bless,

Larry Spears Jr.

Mayor of Orange, Texas