FAITH: Attention – 30 Weeks to Oneness

Published 12:17 am Saturday, July 17, 2021

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Pastor Demetrius Moffett

We are now at week 6 of 30 Weeks to Oneness. This week we will focus on attention.

As it pertains to oneness and wholeness of the family dynamic, we need to ensure that we are applying the correct form of attention to those who need it as well as require it.

The military uses attention to gain the focused attention of its crew to share important data. Most of which is on a need to know basis.

With some families, our attention takes the posture of attention, the motionless position assumed by a soldier, standing very straight with the arms straight down the sides of the body. This type of attention is not only motionless, but emotionless.

I truly would hope that we cultivate “attention” that is conveying appropriate interest, concern, and care toward our family. Taking thought of another with the desire to enter or dwell within their world is that attention that helps to breed oneness.

Giving attention should be that of edifying.

Giving attention should be presented in a way that is palatable to the one it’s being shown to.

This may require that we understand what attention is desired and if we have the ability and capability to be able to supply it.

Truth be told, all of us desire attention. Some in large doses, some small. Some healthy and some not so healthy.

For some, bad attention is better than no attention.

Nevertheless, to develop oneness in the family, good healthy attention is needed in healthy dosages. Attention is the behavioral and cognitive process of selectively concentrating on a discrete aspect of a family member, whether considered subjective or objective, while ignoring our own perceivable thoughts.

Oneness through attention can cause a general interest that leads us to desire to know more about our family members, placing us in a position to provide treatment, care or aid in the event of hurt if needed.

A desired goal could be that our attention helps our family members feel wanted. In short, attention should be such that there should be no division or drama in the family, but that the members should have the same care for one another.

And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with them; or if one family member is honored, all the family rejoices with them.

Rev. Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.