FAITH: Improve your performance by fueling up

Published 12:27 am Saturday, March 20, 2021

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Pastor Demetrius Moffett

BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar are just a few of the vehicles that I have discovered that only take supreme gas.

I wonder how many of us count the cost of maintenance before we purchase one. Sure, we may get a great monthly payment but have we considered the cost of maintenance, an oil change could cost up to $250 in some cases. Have we considered that in order for these high-performance vehicles to perform as they were created, they have to be filled with high octane fuel?

Regular unleaded fuel will cause these vehicles to spurn, knock and stall.

Are we not the same? We have been created as high-performance vehicles.

Jesus said “greater things than these shall you do.”

If we are planning to take a road trip or if the tank is low, we’ll fill our tanks. I believe some of us in the body of Christ are operating on less than a quarter of a tank of “Un – Lead” fuel.

To perform at the levels we are designed too, we can only operate on Supreme fuel.

St. John chapter 2, the first miracle Jesus performed, He shows us that we must be filled. Jesus gave the instruction to top off six (the number for man) vessels with water.

We are to top off our tanks every morning before we start our journey. We are to be filled with the high-octane fuel of the living Water. As we travel, the power of the living Water transforms and coats us on the inside.

The anointing will lubricate the internal parts of our engine/heart allowing us to perform as the manufacturer designed us to perform.

If we treat our relationship with God like we do our vehicles we could find ourselves close to the junkyard.

The cost of the extended maintenance and warranty has been paid, but we won’t take our vehicles to get serviced, we take high performance vehicles to a shade tree mechanic and wonder why we’re not running at peak performance.

We won’t keep our vehicles clean. The inside is so junky and some of our vehicles resemble cluttered closets.

All of which can affect the true value of our vehicle.

If we treat our vehicles like junk, others will do the same.

Stop running on Un –Lead-ed fuel. Get to the service station (Sunday, midweek or both), get Supremely filled and watch your performance improve.

Unleaded or Supreme, our performance will confirm the fuel we chose.

Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.