12-percent of all giving happens the last three days of the year

Published 12:45 am Saturday, January 2, 2021

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Karen Stevens

Did you know nearly one-third (31%) give to charitable organizations in December?  Also, those who volunteer are twice as likely to give, and 12-percent of all giving happens the last three days of the year.

We have all sorts of non-profit organizations right here in Orange County that supply jobs, and help our Community.  It’s always a good idea to give to local organizations, so this article will help you if you are the one in need, or it will help you, help someone else.

Meals on Wheels – Orange is at the top of the list because, well I work there.  Not only that, who doesn’t want to help our Seniors and Disabled?  Our seniors are the ones that have been here for us.  They have molded and shaped our Country.  One day, we will be the seniors of this county, so give, and it will be given back to you.

Meals on Wheels also feeds the Disabled.  It reminds me of the story in the Bible of King David taking care of Mephibosheth who was Johnathon’s son – Saul’s Grandson that was crippled.  (2 Samuel 9).

If you choose Meals on Wheels as your charity, you can mail your donation to Meals on Wheels, P.O. Box 726, Orange, Texas 77631-726.

Ashley Post, a spokesperson for Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest evaluator of charities, has a few tips on giving.  She states it’s easiest to stick with your giving resolutions if you pick charities that you care about deeply.

Post says: “You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t have one cause or passion, but you should take an honest inventory of what matters most to you.”

For some people, this might be the easiest part of your resolution.  If you’re drawing a blank, she recommends thinking about specific problems that have impacted those in your life, or those around you.

What kind of solutions do you wish they have?  Look into nonprofits that help work toward those solutions, Post said.

But wait!  There’s more.  We still have five other local charities on our list like The United Way which is located on 1506 W Park Ave, Orange, TX 77630.  They give grants to the local non-profits like Meals on Wheels, etc.  They do get money from the National Chapter, but local funding is always a big part.

Orange Christian Services is located at 2518 W. Park, Orange, Texas 77630.  I use to volunteer at this organization, so I can attest to its generosity.  They have clothing and food they give out.  They assist in utility bills and prescriptions.  There is a bit of a line to wait in, (if you’re in need of these items), but they will treat you nicely, just bring a puzzle or a book.

Next is the Salvation Army at 1950 Martin Luther King Dr, Orange, TX 77630.  They give out tons of Christmas presents at Christmas time, as well as assist people with needs throughout the year.  They have an indoor basketball court that teenagers love to use after school.  Unsure how that is working out since COVID, but you can always call and ask.

Then there is Friends Helping Friends at 2112 35th St, West Orange, TX 77630.  They have a work exchange, but not during COVID.  You work a few hours a week in exchange for clothing, etc.  You can purchase items as well, and they also assist in electric bills if you qualify.

OCARC  905 W Park Ave, Orange, TX 77630 is a non-profit sign company.  They make all sorts of signs which benefits the disabled.  Call them next time you need a yard sign, business sign, etc.   Orange County also has Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA, 2120 Gloria Dr, Orange, TX 77630.

All of these organizations are open, helping people during COVID.  Pray about giving to one or more of these local organizations.

Ashley Post recommends really committing to one or two organizations, rather than passively giving to 10.  It makes a great tax write off, and it will bless you.

Karen Y. Stevens is Executive Director at Meals on Wheels