LTTE: Praising a great coach

Published 7:10 am Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Mr. Wayne was one of the best coaches I ever had. He was the one that encouraged me to go to my first pitching lesson ever! He is the main reason I started pitching and am still pitching today. Mr. Wayne taught the game so well that I knew how to field a ball on the run when I was 10. I made the all-American team that year and I called him the first time I did it in a game. I can say that I learned a lot about the game from Coach Wayne.
Mr. Wayne was always very passionate about the game and taught it very well. His passion and motivation made me want to play the game for as long as possible. It didn’t matter if it was the tie breaking play or just a routine play, he always believed in us. Another thing that I admire about Coach Wayne is that he knew his way around a game, he always knew the right time to call a timeout and waste time. He also always fought for us when it came to terrible umpires. One of my favorite memories of him is that he got kicked out of a game before the coin toss ever happened. This situation from then to now shows me how much he cared and was willing to go to battle for us.
Lastly, Mr. Wayne as a person surprises me every day. He has and will always be known as Coach Wayne. But the guy you meet outside of coaching is a hardworking, caring father and friend. It is because of Mr. Wayne and softball, that I was able to meet such an amazing family and become best friends with his daughter Madeline, and so many more people along the way. So, I wanted to thank you Mr. Wayne for everything you have done for me in the past and present. You have been a huge factor in my success over the years and I really appreciate it.

Bailey Frenzel