OrangeYouBold: When life happens

Published 7:59 am Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Tricia Stroud

Hello beautiful people. The last time we met here I was writing about unfinished projects. Then life happened and my sweet mama suffered a medical emergency.

At the time she was caring for my aunt who suffered a medical emergency, they are both recovering. Please take a moment to know the signs of a stroke. It could save a life.

The unfinished project is…you guessed it. It is still unfinished.

I will complete it this week.

My duties this week have involved me retrieving things from my mama’s home for her. I was reminded how organized she is and decided to talk about that this week.

Organization can be extremely helpful when you are need of help from others. Every item she asked for was exactly where she said it was. I must say her dresser is obsessively neat.

There is a drawer for every clothing item. Socks were dedicated to one drawer as well as tanks and camisoles.

As a teenager, I used to adopt these practices, and after my visit I think I need to go back to my old ways.

There is peace in organization. Stress did not come into play when I picked up her items. I think we often think every single item needs a place and that can be overwhelming.

You can categorize your items. Spaces are not all equal. There may not be room to dedicate a drawer for tank tops, but you can combine all undergarments that go under your shirt or blouse.

This will work for all things in your home. You can do this in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms.

Creating a list for reference is also helpful, and it can be used by others as a guide to locate things.

I hope your week is wonderful and you find your opportunity to be bold.

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