OrangeYouBold: Can your joy

Published 12:24 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Hello beautiful people. I had an exciting week and I hope you all found some excitement as well. I had an opportunity to serve the community and it was wonderful. This week’s project is a simple one. It’s fun and cute and something you can do from home with an item you would typically throw away.

If you need a simple solution for storing random objects this will be perfect. I love how cute this turned out and it was perfect for my makeup brushes. You can also use this for pens, pencils and scissors.

Many of us are cooking at home more today so you will have empty canned goods. You can turn them into something useful. Be sure to wash the can out and dry it. Use caution when drying the inside of the can so you don’t cut your hand, of course I am speaking from experience.

Now for the fun part, find a fun piece of printed paper to wrap your can in. You can use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper. All you need is tape or preferably double-sided tape. Once you attach one edge of the paper to the can you wrap the entire can, tape the end from the underside and your done. Short and sweet this week!

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