Great managers make great leaders

Published 12:17 am Saturday, April 25, 2020

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Demetrius Moffett

It takes becoming a great manager to become a great leader. In many different capacities of business, people will be in a position of leadership or in a position of management. One of the most common misconceptions between the position of leadership and management is that the roles are twins but not identical. Is a manager a leader? Is a leader a manager? Not necessarily.

There are several different characteristics between a leader and a manager.  The basic difference can be found in the definition of each.

A manager is “an organizer of business or affairs, and/or somebody who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, and/or a department within it.”

A leader is “somebody whom people follow, somebody who guides or directs others.”

When we look at these definitions, we see that the manger will push and the leader will pull.

A manger will look to push those under them via directing and controlling the work and staff business.

A leader is one who pulls on personal via being an example, by guiding or directing others to get a desired location or position.

If I had to pick between being a great manager or a great leader, I would choose a great leader.

Managing is more about maintenance, leading is about productivity. Leading is about helping people. Encourage and empowering those who are following to go from a lower position to a higher position in their personal or professional life.

As a leader we will look to help anyone to become a better you. John C. Maxwell wrote a book entitled “How successful people lead.” In the book, he speaks to five levels of leadership. Mr. Maxwell addresses position, permission, production, people development, and pinnacle.

There are some who have great management skills and would believe that it is better to be a great manager instead of a great leader. They may feel that management is so crucial and rightly so.

Managers are needed in corporate business as well as any other activity that are in need of guidance as they look to carry out and complete assign task.

Leadership is directing and affecting men and women through the assigned task and receive a feeling of accomplishment.

I want to encourage our parents, let’s help and teach our children how to become great mangers so they can become great leaders. It takes becoming a great manager to become a great leader.

Demetrius Moffett is Senior Pastor of Orange Church of God-Embassy of Grace, 1911 North 16th Street in Orange.