From the editor: Social distancing does not ease the pain of death

Published 1:09 pm Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Dawn Burleigh, Editor

To say goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough without the entire world dealing with a pandemic.

Yet, this is what many of us are dealing with today. Losing a loved one, a community leader and not able to say farewell or pay last respects.

The Orange Leader, along with local businesses have teamed together to help with the healing of a loss while we face Stay at Home for another 30 days.

To offer condolences, words of sympathy or last respects to someone, Celebrate their Lives in 30 words or less, send us for whom, to and we will publish them for free thanks to the sponsoring businesses. 

Remember these sponsors when Social Distancing is lifted for showing us that we stand together when times are tough. We appreciate them and we appreciate you.

Together we will get through this. Social distancing does not mean we are divided.

To those who have lost a parent, a friend, a sibling, a relative, a best friend during this time, my heart goes out to you. The loss of my own mother is still fresh as she passed last September. I cannot imagine going through it without friends, family and church family by my side. 

Yet, because of social distancing, you are not able to have the fellowship needed to help with the pain and hurt of the final goodbye.

In a weekend we lost Dean Granger and Bill Mello and while neither were due to COVID-19, their friends, family and the community were denied an opportunity to show how much we appreciated them because of the coronavirus.

But there are others we are losing during this time, a mom, a friend, a sibling. They should not be forgotten or a causality of the virus. 

While many will hold a Celebration of Life at a later date, we understand some people may need to say something now to help ease the pain of the loss.

Celebrating their Lives will publish in the Wednesday editions as we receive condolences from you.


Dawn Burleigh is the general manager and editor of The Orange Leader. She can be reached at