County Judge issues amended Emergency Order on Monday, March 23

Published 3:08 pm Monday, March 23, 2020

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I, John H. Gothia, duly elected Judge of Orange County, based on most recent information received from the Emergency Management Offices personnel and Public Health Authorities issue this ORDER REGARDING THE OCCUPANCY OF PREMISES THROUGHOUT ORANGE COUNTY, TEXAS, INCLUDING MUNICIPALITIES:

Under the authority granted to me by Chapter 418, Texas Government Code, a disaster declaration has been issued effective on March 13, 2020. Additionally, pursuant to Section 418.108(d) and (g), Texas Government Code, I hereby issue the following orders in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control:

1) Any gathering sponsored or permitted by Orange County shall cease.

2) Gatherings of greater than 10 persons shall cease at all public facilities across Orange County.

3) Regarding PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTIES: There shall be no gathering of more than 10 persons.

4) Bars and nightclubs shall be closed. Restaurants shall close for dine-in services but may use delivery and take out options.

5) All gyms, fitness clubs, tattoo shops, game rooms, business operating 8-liners and massage therapy facilities shall close effective with this date and remain closed until further notice.

6) All hair salons, beauty salons, spas and barber shops shall close according to their normal posted business hours this date and remain closed until further notice. All nail salons shall close according to their normal posted business hours this date and remain closed until further notice.

7) All door-to-door sales shall cease effective immediately. Residents who encounter a salesman at their door should simply not answer the door.

8) In accordance with the Guidelines from the President, Governor and the CDC, schools shall temporarily close. This does not apply to licensed child-care facilities, including a daycare center, group daycare home or family home. All childcare facilities shall adhere to the 10 person maximum in a group setting.

9) Grocery stores, convenience stores and any supply type store are encouraged to remain open but, citizens are urged to use the delivery or curbside services where available or use Social Distancing.

10) Nursing homes and senior living centers shall limit visitation of the public within their facilities. This does not include medical therapeutic support and medical personnel. This also does not include food & supply delivery.

11) It is hereby ORDERED that a twenty-four (24) hour curfew on citizens 17 years of age and under shall be in place immediately throughout Orange County for all individuals who:

a) are not in school,

b) are not accompanied by school personnel, a parent or guardian, or

c) are not going directly to their place of employment or going directly home from that place of employment.

This Order does not apply to special needs students during the times local school districts are required by federal law to provide those students services.