A Story over a cup: Make it stop!

Published 3:10 pm Thursday, February 13, 2020

Michael Cole

I both love and hate the winter.

I prefer colder weather, the ability to wear jackets and not lose a couple of pounds to sweat; or the fact mosquitoes are dead then.

I also hate the winter. I hate the fact it usually rains from November to March in Texas in the winter. We have a muddy Christmas, not a White Christmas.

Did I mention the rain?

But above all, I hate the fact that for me it is one nonstop cold. 

This year it was upper-respiratory infection (I think that is 21st century speak for Bronchitis). Last year, it was a sinus infection.

Well, the changing weather has added another. 

It’s not enough that it is freezing at 7 a.m. and 70 at noon; no, the change has brought on the dreaded “H” word.


And not just any headache, the killing your neighbor for breathing loud headaches, which my boys are taking advantage of. 

This morning I took something for it. The pills will lessen the headaches but make me drowsy.

That was an invitation to my dogs.

They seemed to decide that I needed cheering up. And they worked together for it.

Cue Mission Impossible theme music.

At approximately 0900, Bill (aka “Houdini”) and Bernie (aka “bags”) started rough housing and making noise so I remained distracted. 

Meanwhile, Roswell (aka “paws”) began trying to open the gate to the hallway.

We have a hallway gate to keep the boys out of the back. There are things they can chew or break which potentially could hurt them.

Once the gate was open, the boys slowly made their way to the bedroom. Checking the office, the spare room, and bathroom, for treats and me, they soon find themselves at a closed bedroom door.

At approximately 0930, Operation Bed Bounce is initiated. 

For those who might not have dogs; or have dogs which love to make an entrance, Bed Bounce is when a dog gets a running jump and bounces on the bed.

Fun for them, not so for the human on the bed.

One of the three puts his weight on the door and it flies open. A large wham getting my attention and adding a little extra throb to my headache.

So, picture this, Sicily 1927. Wait, wrong story. 

Picture this, I have just had my head stop pounding. I was just now comfortable.


Three galloping critters slam onto the bed. I am happy under the blanket. Which means they can’t see me.

So, three sets of paws start “digging” up the blanket to “save” me. I am telling them to get out, which seems to spur them on further.

Then Bill finds a way under the blanket and to my face. The licks and kisses commence at 0940.

Followed by two others, happily licking my face.

I wish, at this point, I shooed them out, but let’s all face it…

Dog kisses are magical.


Michael Cole is a syndicated columnist that when he is not writing, he is plotting global domination. You can follow him at www.storyoveracup.com