John Kellis family located

Published 9:28 am Thursday, January 16, 2020

By Dawn Burleigh

After an article searching for the family of John Kellis published in the Weekend edition of The Orange Leader, several emails were received over the weekend.

All of the emails were forwarded to Greg Gallagher.

Those who responded included a nephew. Kellis’ wife was his mother’s sister.

Another person worked with Kellis at Parish Electric in Orange.

With the assistance of another person, his gravesite was located at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in West Orange. John C. Kellis, Sr. passed away at the age of 74 on Aug. 19, 1992.

Dolores Jackson, Kellis’ (step) daughter, confirmed the picture is of her father.

“Dad graduated from A&M in 1941 at age 23,” Jackson wrote in an email. “The photo was obviously taken soon after graduation.”

He served two tours of duty to our country in the Army during WW2.

Jackson also added, “John Kellis was the kindest, sincerely loving, truly honest, most caring, Christian person one could know.  If he knew you, you were his friend.”

She also pointed out some dates of significance to the story.

“Coincidentally, The Orange Leader is dated January 11-12, 2020,” Jackson wrote. “My brother, John Carroll Kellis, Jr., was born on January 12th and died on January 11th….WOW!”

Thank you to everyone for helping Greg Gallagher located his father’s friend’s family so he can send them the picture.

Son searches for family of father’s friend