Positive Highlights: Creating memories through photography

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mary Ekene

Josh and his wife, Aleecia McDonald, reside in Orange, Texas.  Their photography Josh M. Photography is also based in Orange, Texas and they specialize in Portraiture, Fashion, Couples, Families, Seniors, and Maternity. 

Portraiture is the art of creating portraits. A graphic and detailed description, especially of a person.

“I simply love to capture people with their natural reactions and smiles,” Josh McDonald expressed to me.

 Josh McDonald said from a young age he loved everything about fashion and style.  He then researched ways to get the best quality photo with his Nikon camera. He would go around with Aleecia looking for nice locations to take photos. 

 “The more I posted pictures on social media, the more people started reaching out for me to take their photos,” Josh said.  From then on, he never put his camera down.  

“I am honored to have my wonderful wife working alongside me.  She is the fun creator of my children’s and holiday sets. She helps get all of my wonderful clients on schedule,” Josh said. 

Josh and Aleecia have a beautiful baby girl, Aliyah, who brings them both so much joy and captures all of their happiest moments in their work. 

Josh McDonald photography consists of colorful imagery, beautiful green tones, and unique styles and looks in his photography.  

“Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business is what I believe in.  I value working closely with my clients, my goal is to make your vision come to life,”  Josh McDonald proudly shares.  

Josh and Aleecia McDonald, the city of Orange is proud of you and may you continue “to make magic happen” through your photography and spirit.


Mary Ekene/ Activist and Author for Bring Positivity Back, Owner and Founder of Livol