Community choir is 2019 Youth Explosion Reloaded

Published 1:21 pm Thursday, May 9, 2019

To The Leader

In today’s society, we are finding that so many of our young boys and girls are turning to a life away from and far removed from church life.

We are finding that a growing number of them are turning to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful lifestyles at early ages. Our community has been blessed to house some awesome youth with a great deal of talent.

Their potential in mind-blowing and limitless, yet most of them will never know it because there isn’t anyone around to be of sound encouragement.

More than 15 years ago an amazing gift came to our community, bringing unity and sense of pride. That gift was known as The Youth Explosion. For nearly 10 years church and organization leaders throughout the city would work hand in hand with one goal in mind and heart, empowering our youth.

This act of love and kindness started as the vision and labor of three caring women then grew into a love offering from an entire community.

Youth Explosion said to each child that “you are special”, “you are loved”, “you are gifted” and that the community they called home wanted to see them win.

Now in 2019 Youth Explosion Reloaded is to bring our community back together through celebration and worship. 

Showcasing their talents, spiritual gifts, and commitment to share their love for Christ. The board members and leaders are past youth of various churches located in the community of Orange.

It is our desire to assemble and rally the youth of today; as they are the church of tomorrow. We acknowledge the power of the love so freely given to us and recognize that it is our duty to pass it on to this generation.

Bringing back some of the excitement in the past that led us to our current relationships in Christ.

The songs, laughter, and love that still fill our hearts even now will allow the youth of today to feel not just love but, God’s love. Spending time with the youth of other churches brings about a team collective spirit, learning “it’s not just about you; it about us all as a whole”. Reminding us of God’s word in Deuteronomy 32:30 meaning one can chase a thousand, two can chase 10,000, what can a community of believers do? Praise God!

We are so excited to finally bring the spirit of the past; back with our children of tomorrow. 

Youth Explosion Reloaded will take place Sunday, August 4 and everyone throughout the community is welcome to attend. This event will give each of us the chance to shower one another with love and support our wonderful youth and young adults.

The Explosion Picnic will happen Saturday, August 3 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

This event will have vendors set up along with great supporters throughout the community.

As is with the Youth Explosion Reloaded Event happening Sunday, the picnic is open to the public.

Rehearsals for Youth Explosion Reloaded are happening now throughout the summer until.

The mission statement for the organization is “Using God’s word and all of its excitement to capture the minds and hearts of the children of the community of Orange via community resources to remind and reaffirm the knowledge that Christ is Lord and savior.”

For more information regarding rehearsal (choir, dance, or step), how to volunteer, or to even donate, email us at or call the information line at 409-779-8234.

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