From the publisher: Mining the I-10 corridor treasur

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bobby Tingle, Publisher

By Bobby Tingle


Almost everyone you talk to about the I-10 corridor, from Simmons Drive to Highway 62, perceive the potential for economic development there.

The interstate renovation is currently focused on precisely this area.  Several hotels, restaurants, retailers, and auto dealers are currently transacting business along this stretch.

There is a tremendous amount of traffic day in and day out passing through Orange on Interstate 10.

It is an economic development treasure worth mining.

Travelers should be enticed to make Orange a routine ‘pit stop’.

Shoppers should have ample reason to make Orange their fulfillment destination.

In short, we need to build our economic muscle in this corridor.

Let’s do this!


The BEST in Orange County – A robust adventure


Every year The Orange Leader provides Orange County the opportunity to determine the BEST people, places, and food in our fair corner.

Who serves the best barbecue, hamburger, pizza or crawfish?  Who is the best banker, lawyer or accountant?

The competition began on April 20 and will continue until May 20 at 5 p.m.

The winners receive bragging rights and an orange ribbon to hang proudly in their office or showroom.

The demand for ribbons and bragging rights is high.  The competition is strenuous.

Vote using a printed ballot found in copies of The Orange Leader every issue through May 18.  Or go to where you can vote online.


The list of unreliable news sources which proved to be unreliable


From time to time, you run across news and information in print, online and via broadcast media, which makes you scratch your head.

I am not shy about engaging in the ‘fake news’ conversation.  It seems many are jumping in to provide their ‘two cents worth’.

It is relatively easy to identify a ‘scam’.

It gets a bit harder to determine what is real and what is ‘fake’ among the rest.

One news organization recently compiled and published a list of unreliable news sources.

But as readers dug a bit deeper into the list it was discovered the list of ‘unreliables’ was itself an unreliable source.

Basically, the list was compiled from a specific ‘bias’ and ended up being ‘fake news’ exposing ‘fake news’.

You ‘gotta’ love the news industry.

My suggestion; keep your thinking cap on and don’t let reporters think for you.

Bobby Tingle is the publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at