Positive Highlights: Time to wake up and learn from past mistakes

Published 3:00 pm Monday, April 8, 2019


Orange, Texas I want you to close your eyes. Count on your fingers everyone who has passed between last year and this year.  

Oh, you ran out of fingers? Me too.  

It is just sad that there are so many people passing away due to gun violence, bullying, suicide, and health complications.  We see all of these deaths occur, but yet we fail to still show love and compassion to one another.

We highlight and recognize negativity like it is a family member.  

I, personally, go into the grocery store and gas stations and someone is cursing someone out or being ugly to them.  I scroll down social media and people are belittling each other and saying horrible things to each other.

When will it stop? Does it stop when more babies are dead? Does it stop when one of our own family members gets murdered?  Do you not see what is going on? Do you think it is healthy for so many deaths to be happening in such a small town like Orange, Texas?  

Yes, deaths and murders happen worldwide and it is nothing new, but really grasps how it is affecting our city.  Parents, please be aware of what is going on with your children. Children be aware of what is going on with your parents.  

There are people suffering from mental abuse, self-esteem, bullying, self-abuse; it is our job as a unit to love and support each other.  

We are losing our youth to gun violence and drugs, losing our parents to stress and health complications, our babies to AIDS/HIV, we have sex offenders and predators that look like doctors and policemen.  We need to take the time to really talk with each other, pray for each other, and uplift one another in this time of need.

People are suffering and mourning over the loss of loved ones and we do not make it any better by glorifying negativity.  

The time is now to forgive, listen and learn from our mistakes and from the lives of those who have passed away.  

Orange, Texas I am asking you to wake up from your nap and heal the lost, fight for the weak, and love the ones who are hurting. We all need each other, BUT IT STARTS WITH ALL OF US BLACK, WHITE, GREEN, and RED AND BLUE!

Mary Ekene Activist for Bring Positivity Back/ Founder and Owner of Livol