Positive Highlights: When you need a Lyft

Published 12:35 pm Thursday, January 24, 2019

By Mary Ekene

Ashley Guillory was born and raised in Orange, Texas.  She is a mother to a 13- year old daughter and an 11- year-old son.  

Guillory is the Program Assistant at Lamar State College-Orange and a faithful member of Mount Olive Baptist Church.

She decided to work for Lyft since May 2018.  

“I was convinced to do Lyft by a Baytown/Houston Lyft driver whom I was dating at the time,” Guillory explained to me. “I really enjoy it and the extra money is an advantage.”

Although Lake Charles, Louisiana is her preferred driving location, she has a few repeat customers in Orange County.  

“I get asked all of the time if being a female Lyft driver scares me and I respond with saying, I have two stun guns and a double-bladed pocket knife,” Guillory chuckles.

Guillory usually checks in with family and friends to make sure she is safe.

She states she has had great experiences with Lyft and her business has helped her to earn her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Houston.  She has even enlisted to help several of her friends to create and update Spotify playlists for her adverse customers.

“I work full-time, but I am able to provide safe and sober rides to the residents of Orange, Texas and surrounding areas,” Guillory said.  

Ashley Guillory, the City of Orange is proud of you and keeps up the fantastic job.  If you ever need a ride Orange, Texas, you know who to ask for!


Mary Ekene/Activist for Bring Positivity Back/ Owner/CEO of Livol