Positive Highlights: By being an example

Published 7:15 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2018

By Mary Ekene

I hear it every day.

“They only care about the football team.”

“They do not care about the kid’s education.”

“I cannot stand this school district.”

“They are prejudiced.”

“The teachers do not care, why should I.”

“All of the money only goes to the football team and not the books.”

It gets to a point where all of the negativity with the WOCCISD starts with the parents.  If we as the leaders in our children’s lives cannot represent a positive outlook for our children, WHO WILL?

WOCCISD and all of the staff dedicate their time and love to make sure our kids are learning, being challenged in the classroom and being well-rounded.

Yes, the district may lack some things that we want, but what school district in the United States is perfect? NONE.

Growing up, I am very appreciative of my childhood because I had parents that preached the importance of education and made sure my siblings and I did our homework every evening. They would check our homework and make sure we understood what we were learning.  It starts from the HOME.

The school district is not always the blame for the challenges our children are faced with.  They need to know their parents are behind them in everything they do and they are encouraging them as well.

When I see organizations such as Teens Making A Difference, the A-TEAM and We Believe It Takes A Village, you can tell all of these organizations involve parents and children who value the morals that start with the home.

It is unfair to demean a school district and talk so badly about them when you are not looking into positive efforts to help the district.

I love the system that is taking place that before a student can get on the school bus, they are required to have a book in their hand.

I love how our teachers are implementing new ideas and better methods to teach our children to keep them more attentive.

I love how families come together for football games and see the support all the way from the school board to the staff to cheer our Mustangs on.

LET US ENCOURAGE OUR CHILDREN BY BEING THE EXAMPLE.  It is easy to point out all of the flaws in our school system, but let us take more initiative to high light the good things that are going on in our school district.

2018/2019 will be an excellent school year for our students and let us be slow to speak but eager to listen and learn.  To WOCCISD continue to do a great job and the City of Orange, Texas supports you.

Mary Ekene/ Activist for Bring Positivity Back and Owner/CEO of Livol