Orange County marriage licenses issued Aug. 20 – Aug. 24, 2018

Published 5:15 pm Friday, August 24, 2018

The following couples were reported to have obtained marriage licenses in the office of Brandy Robertson, Orange County Clerk, during the week of Aug. 20 – Aug. 24, 2018:


Quinton D. LaPoole and Kristen C. Brown

Matthew A. Gonzales and Amber J. Fleming

Samuel T. Smith and Cynthia A. Rachal

John C. Kosina and Sabra R. Adkins

Lee R. Jones, Jr. and Shelly R. Stevens

Steven B. Pruett and Marianne McDonald

Damion L. McMullan and Danielle L. Phippeny

Nathan S. White and Alice M. Hamilton

Troy W. Hebert, Jr. and Brittany M. Duplonty

Robert R. Brantley, Sr. and Darla D. Sabins

Steven J. Babb and Ashley A. Weatherford

Joseph E. Woodall and Stormy K. Glenn

Mark L. Carpenter and Rebecca M. Watkins