Hanneman stepped into role of Dad

Published 10:16 am Monday, June 18, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


When Michael Hanneman Jr. met the woman who would become his bride, B.J., he knew she was something special.

“I was suppose to met her afterwards for breakfast,” Hanneman said. “But after breaking down karaoke equipment, I discovered I had a flat tire and never made it there. I did not get her number because I was expecting to see her again the same day.”

It took a month before the two ran into each other again.

“The funny thing is we have many of the same friends, but we never met before that night,” Hanneman said.

Hanneman, of Bridge City, is an Air Force Veteran who served in the Gulf War. He is also owner and general manager of Whitetail Construction Services.

When asked to describe Hanneman, B.J. said, “He is a wonderful dad and stepdad. He loves them all the same. If the youngest forgets her glasses at home, he drives them to school. If the middle child (college student) texts for money, he drives to her credit union and makes a small deposit. If the oldest son calls and needs advise on anything, Michael is always thrilled to help. He’s a problem solver.”

Hanneman knew he was gaining a ‘ready made family’.

“Kyle was in college and living at home,” Hanneman said. “It was a ready made family with one semi adult.”

It did not deter Hanneman at all.

“They are great kids, brilliant kids,” Hanneman said. “They are easy to love. Kyle and I bonded right off.”

Thirteen years later, Kyle still reaches out to Dad with questions or for advice.

“I am partial to Jacquelin,” Hanneman said of his middle child who is now in college. “She is a pretty spunky red head like her mom.”

Hanneman said he loves all three of his kids with all his heart.

“I love all my kids,” Hanneman said. “There is nothing I wouldn’t or havn’t done for them. Being their dad is the most important thing I can do. God put them in my care.”

Hanneman added projecting God’s love to children helps them later in life.

“”It is unconditional agape love,” Hanneman said.