Newton County Sheriff Report 5.21.18

Published 11:39 am Monday, May 21, 2018

Hope everyone had a great week. We earned our keep last week. We stay bowed up all week.

Remember three of our co-workers in your prayers. 911 Operator and Jailer, Bobbie Medley Smith is off following surgery, 911 Operator and Jail Sgt., Courtney Mancil lost her dad and Deputy Sonny White broke three ribs in an accident at his home.

Got a call about some suspicious activity up at the lake. When it was all over, two went to jail on drug charges.

We have been looking for two guys and a black 4-door Toyota pickup for a week. They had broken into a house two times. We had their names but couldn’t locate them. If you go back the third time even we can get ya. They did and we did. Good job Deputy Carter.

Lover’s quarrel and a jealous woman lead to a vehicle getting a couple thousand dollars damage. The jealous female cut the tires and seats, broke everything she could on the vehicle. That will teach you.

Just want to thank the Newton Masonic Lodge for buying our drug dog. They stepped up to the plate for our community and I just want to thank them again!

Gotta go. Though for the week: Everybody would agree that we could put an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. Ya’ll have a good week and if we can help, just holler. God Bless!