Fashion designer seeks global market

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018

By Mary Ekene

I was networking as usual on Facebook and I saw the prettiest skirt. The skirt had the boldest colors, the most beautiful fabric and sewed so precisely. I was thinking to myself, where can I buy this skirt at?

Then I saw a name and it said Brooke Brackens. I went to her inbox and asked her about the skirt and she told me ‘she’ made the skirt. I was in awe; right there I knew I must have her sew me this skirt.

I spoke with her and she said of course. I was too excited and when I went to pick up my skirt, I was very satisfied with her work.

Brooke Brackens is CEO and Lead Designer of the clothing brand MsBrook Antoinette. She seeks to fulfill her vision to market her brand all over the world.

Brackens was born in Orange and was inspired at an early age to become a fashion designer because of her grandmother.

“My grandmother Leroy West was a master of style. She influenced me in many avenues in my fashion concepts,” Brackens said.

In high school, she quickly became known for her styles and was voted “best dressed” by her peers. She has a B.A. in Marketing and also attended fashion school. Because of her style and attitude in fashion school is where she gained the name MsBrook.

She became known for her skirts on social media and wanted to market her brand to empower women to look and feel their best.

When she is not too busy constructing her highly demanded iconic skirts, she is taking clients who desire everything from formal dresses to casual wear. She has truly made a name for herself by making women look and feel beautiful. Her fashion collections can be described as bold and empowering.

“Right before I release a collection it is like God comes to me in the form of a fashion vision. I envision things that I have never seen before,” Brackens said.

Brooke Brackens we are proud of you and keep up the amazing work. Thank you for keeping Orange and others “slayed”.

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner/CEO Livol Liver Cleanse