Vidor Police Chief updates Civil Service Commission

Published 8:54 am Wednesday, April 4, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader


Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll addressed the Vidor Civil Service Commission, on Wednesday, with an update of progress being made to reform and revitalize the police department.

Carroll presented commission members with a proposed organizational chart approved by the police union to create two new Captain positions, one to oversee operations and the other to oversee administration, dispatchers, grants, and emergency management response.

One stated goal of Chief Carroll is “reputation change.”

“The way other agencies think about and interact with Vidor police.” Carroll said he is making progress working in concert with Federal authorizes, Louisiana law enforcement, and other local agencies in pursuit of effective investigations, case resolution, interdiction, and crime prevention.

“So far this year we are up 200 percent in our narcotics arrests compared to the same time period last year,” Carroll remarked. “Our new K-9 unit is working out well and recently had hits for methamphetamine during recent traffic stops.”

Vidor Police is making strides to raise awareness of the police department’s capabilities, but also to encourage police-community relations.

“Our K-9 unit is visiting with seniors at Lamar University as our way of reaching out to the community in a different way other than in a law enforcement role,” Carroll said.

Carroll is hopeful he will be able to continue to grow the Explorer program comprised of High School students who volunteer their time through Boy Scouts of America.

“These kids are our future. Home grown and know the community,” Carroll said when reflecting on growing the next generation of effective police officers for the community.

Carroll has his work cut out for him as he continues to drive change.

In addition to equipment upgrades, community outreach, and instilling his vision for the department, Three officers were disciplined in 2017. From a total of 24 sworn officers, according to the proposed organizational chart, including the Chief, three officers equal approximately 12.5 percent of the total department.

If all three officers suspended were from the patrol division, it means approximately 27 percent of the entire patrol division is currently being disciplined. All three officers were from various divisions within the police department.

Carroll has made it clear Vidor is resolute in their effort to broaden and strengthen community relations while increasing law enforcement effectiveness throughout their jurisdiction.