Make up by Cyri

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

By Mary Ekene

“Okay, all done.”

I turned around and looked in the mirror. My make -up was flawless. She did an absolutely beautiful job on my face for my maternity photo shoot with my second child.

She was professional, respectful and so talented. I told her I would refer her to everyone in town.

She said he had been out here for a few months and that she was from Houston, Texas. She explained to me that her husband was from Orange and he missed home. She then concluded to me that she wanted to really grow her clientele and I told her to simply, network.

The beautiful young woman I am referring to is Mrs. Cyrielle Easter.

I met her at my job in the year 2015 and she soon expressed to me that she did make-up. I told her “Great, that is awesome because I always drive to Houston to get my makeup done professionally. Can I see any of your work?”

She showed me some of her work and I was very impressed.

I told her I would for sure keep her in mind the next time I wanted my makeup done.

Cyrielle Easter was born in San Bernardino, California.   She grew up in Compton, CA and stayed there until she was in the eighth grade. It was in junior high where she became in tune with her artistic side.

“I learned to do hair and I always played in my mother’s make up in my teens.”

It was in this time of her life she had found her passion, to do make up professionally.

Moving along in her life she moved to Humble, Texas to pursue a better life for her three daughters.

In 2012, she received her biggest push of motivation after having her first child. She was a stay at home mom and decided to pick up a makeup brush after watching countless YouTube tutorials.

Cyrielle Easter has been doing make up professionally for a number of years and her business goes by the name of Make up by Cyri.

She had a deep passion behind her drive and the process became therapeutic for her. Cyrielle Easter has a strong relationship with God who she says gives her the foundation which she built her make up career on.

Her goal is to enhance beauty while building personal connections with her clients. Cyrielle Easter has a wonderful gift with doing makeup and her positive attitude keeps her clientele strong.

Cyrielle Easter we are so proud of you and keep up the spectacular work. Orange, Texas appreciates you keeping our face “beat”.

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner/CEO of Livol Liver Cleanse