Mary Ekene: When will black women unite?

Published 11:43 am Wednesday, December 6, 2017

By Mary Ekene

“Hey girl, congrats on your promotion. I am so glad you got it instead of Tameka Jackson. Hey do you think you could put in a good word for me. My name is Latonya Butler. I would really appreciate it.”

Now you see what just happened. An African- American woman was telling a Caucasian woman congrats for her new promotion. But she would have hated the fact if the promotion was given to an African-American woman.

This happens every day in the black woman society. We will lie, envy, cheat, manipulate, fear, change, argue, steal or even kill just to make sure one of our “sistahs” does not make it to the top.

I take this topic very seriously because it hits home for me. I have always been that person to help out a helping hand, to sacrifice her time and energy for the next person. Because of this, there have been several times where my own “sistahs” have been green with envy about me and even talked about me. The irony is, it would be the very same ones I would help.

It would never fail, I would help someone get out of a rut, and they would be the same one to talk about me and use me. So much for sisterhood I used to say.

I would look at African – American women prancing around in their short shorts, twerking on social media, having children they cannot take care of, not even having the determination to work or further their education.

I would ask myself, is this how we are seriously representing ourselves in this day and age

But we as “sistahs” are so quick to judge each other and lie against one another that we miss the real message of unity. It really disgusts me in a way it is just simply sad.

I remember our role models from history Lena Horn, Leontyne Price, Debbie Allen, Coretta Scott King, Della Reece, Maya Angelou, Bessie Coleman, Anna Tibaijuka, Madam C. J. Walker, Shirley Chisolm, Karen Bas, Ida B. Wells, Michaelle Jean, Robin Kelly, Mary McLeod Bethune, Donna Edwards, my mother and so many others.

These were women who exemplified dignity, morality, support, truth, honor, confidence, and self-worth. You did not see any of these women in the paper putting their bodies on display, you did not see them gossiping among their peers, you did not see them fighting over men or baby daddies. These women were about their business and careers.

Yes, I am thirty-six years of age with both a Bachelors and Master’s degree, pursing a PhD, with two beautiful daughters, continually pursuing my acting career, and volunteering for special causes.

I have fun and enjoy a wonderful time, but I always make sure my priorities are met, ALWAYS.

But because of my achievements I have been envied, talked about, belittled and used. But see the one thing that I have and will always have that has stuck by me is CONFIDENCE.

If my black women would be confident, uphold their roles as leaders, and look into being more positive influences in their environment we would be a force to reckon with.

It is time for African – American women to come together, help one another, support each other, and be there for one another. The time for hate and jealousy is old; time to wake up and learn each other.

I fight for the unity of my sisters because we have the ability to be a positive role-model for our children and ourselves.

So to my African –American women lets be one and not divided. The time is now and it starts with us BLACK WOMEN!

Mary Ekene/ The Institution for Performing Arts Orange, TX