Animal care/needs/supplies message from the EOC

Published 11:57 am Monday, September 4, 2017


The Cowboy Church of Orange County and volunteers, along with Texas Agrilife have many items for our community’s animal needs. Individuals and organizations from California to Maine have graciously provided hay, feed for all types of animals, and large animal supplies such as buckets, halters, and sprays.  The contact person for these resources is Deven Michael by TEXT at 409-738-5461.  Text your need or request to this number and she will text or call you back.  The Cowboy Church is located at 673 FM 1078 in Orange.

State resources for animal care and animal needs have been requested and are expected to arrive soon.

Livestock owners that are not able to reach their cattle or livestock to feed can also contact the Cowboy Church and they can provide feed and remote access to these animals.

The Outlaw Veterinary Clinic is providing emergency medical services for large animals at the T2 Arena and Event Center located at 4110 Old Peveto Road in Orange.  For small animal medical emergencies, contact Amanda Trask at 214-236-1703.  She will evaluate your needs and advise you if they are able to assist or provide you with information.

If you would like to donate hay, please contact Deven Michael at the above listed number.