A need for a recall

Published 8:51 am Saturday, August 26, 2017

By Demetrius Moffett

What’s your dream automobile? I’m sure that if I were to take a survey it would reveal diversity.

No matter what our preference, they’re all considered and classified a vehicle.

When we take ownership, we personalize our vehicles. We’ll place our mark on them with aftermarket features.

Still no matter what we do, they are still considered and classified vehicles.

The more appealing we make our vehicles the more attention they receive and in some people’s minds the more inviting they are to be stolen.

Our Children are the same way.

Whether a boy or girl they are still classified and considered our children. Naked they come into this world “Tabula Rasa” and as we build, fix and dress them up with the aftermarket of material, morals, and manners we make them more attractive to be stolen by those who truly don’t value and appreciate them.

To protect our vehicles, we install and set the alarms on our vehicles to prevent theft. We have systems that are so sensitive that a bumped or nudge sounds the alarm.

What anti-theft systems have we equipped our children with? When the integrity of our children is being nudged or bump, does an alarm go off? Another parallel I would like to submit.

No matter what type of vehicle we desire all of them are assembled via an assembly line. Several different stages and stations participate in the completion of a vision. What starts out as a collection of heterogeneous components evolves into a purposeful useful vehicle. Only through the determinant of continuous operation that the reliability and integrity of those who participated in building the vehicle is revealed. We’ll accuse bad performance on the vehicle, when it’s only performing according to the level of integrity and reliability of those who manned the stages and stations.

Our children are developed via an assembly line, each of us have a stage and station to man in their development. Our children’s performance is not their fault. Their performance confirms the level of reliability and integrity of the line.

Are we focusing on our stages and stations within the line or are we more concern with what another station is doing?

The more we focus on other stations, the probability increases that several children will pass through our station and not receive what they need to operate properly, thus demanding a recall.

Are you the reason for the current “RECALL”?