Secure the future for everyone

Published 2:06 pm Saturday, August 5, 2017

Editorial by Louis Ackerman


In 1776 we fought others during the Revolutionary War in a bid for self determination and sovereignty. In 1861 we fought each other during the Civil War in a bid to define who we were as a country and what ideals were important to us. In 1914 and again in 1939 we were all plunged into conflict over principles and what was right and moral.
Millions of people have given their lives for this idea of freedom.
At some point, we forgot that. We have lost sight of what is important in this life. Everyone will have a different answer for what is important, but it all boils down to freedom. A freedom we, as Americans, have taken for granted.
How many of us claim “We The People…” but when it comes time for you to do your civic duty, you make up excuses or simply ignore it.
Make no mistake, there is a fight going on for the future of not just this country and not just this planet, but the country and planet of future generations as well. There is a fight and most of us, even those enlightened enough to read this and keep track of what is going, are going to ignore that fight. We will either dismiss it as irrelevant or unwinnable, or we are going to dismiss it as a falsehood.
At no time in the history of this planet have we enjoyed such intellect and technology as we do today. Our populations have never been smarter and have never had more access to the rest of the world.
Yet, more and more people are being diagnosed with preventable illnesses. Illnesses that we once thought exterminated. More people are believing ludicrous idea that the Earth is flat or that the Earth is merely 6000 years old. More mothers are dying in childbirth and poverty is growing at an exponential rate. We live on a planet where the so-called Leader of the Free World is only honest 30% of the time when he opens his mouth and people are ok with that.
We talk about the greatness of America and the strength of our convictions and yet we are failing our children, our grandchildren and all of our descendants.
The decisions we make today are directly going to impact the world that our children are going to inherit. This is an enormous responsibility but requires less work than you think.
We have the power to secure thier future by doing something so easy it would earn us all participation awards and that is, JUST SHOW UP.
You need to do little more than just show up in order to secure the future of our offspring. Just by showing up you can secure the future.
Let your voice be heard.
I am not going to tell you who you should support and who you shouldn’t. Do your own research. Find out who the players are and find one that is going to make things better for everyone. This is important.
This is important because their are small number of people who have massive amounts of money and are relying on you to stay home. To stay uninvolved. They have plans for you, for your money, for your property and for your children. They don’t want you to interfere with their plans for attaining more wealth. I don’t care who you support, find people who you can believe in and hold them accountable to what they say. If they are honesty and show integrity, carry them from the smallest town in Texas to the marble steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC.
It really is as simple as just showing up to vote. In our last election only 60% of registered voters showed up. Less than half of the people eligible to vote in Texas participated. Less than half. That means the people sitting at home could have elected someone all by themselves.

If you are tired of the old rhetoric, regardless of where it comes from, it is time to show up. If you are tired of politicians like Brian Babin being wined and dined in Washington DC, touting these polarizing party lines while doing nothing to ensure positive change, then it is time to show up. If you are tired of seeing millions of dollars being spent and dozens of promises being made with no return on those promises, then it is time to show up.

Like I said, I am not going to tell you what to think or who to pick. I am just telling you to show up and put some effort into your civic duties. If you really think this country is screwed up, then you put your money where your mouth is and show up. Hold your representatives accountable, ask them the tough questions and insist they show up for us.

Evil only triumphs when good people do nothing. I am not asking for your life, your first born or your home. I asking for a 10 minute investment to secure the future for everyone.
As a Progressive, I firmly believe in civil discourse with everyone, including dissenters. I prefer to engage with people who disagree with me because I may learn something. If you surround yourself with people who always agree with you then you will stagnate in an echo chamber of your own opinion. To that end, I will answer any and all questions that any readers have, just send me an email at, my name is Louis Ackerman and we will keep moving forward.